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How to create a trading account

How to create your trading account #

In order to create your free trading account you need to Visit the Sign Up Page and enter your details.

Fill out your details, including Name, Surname, Email and your Adress. In the option “Platform” simply leave the option at “EUR”.

Tick the box “Create investmentaccount” in order to unlock the possibility to follow existing Strategies from other clients. It is also mandatory to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

When you have filled out your details click Sign Up. You will now be re-directed to your Trader’s Dashboard.

Access your trading account #

After a successful registration you will receive your login credentials by email. Please note that there are two different credentials, one for Trading Platform and one set of credentials for Trader’s Dashboard/Room.

The main function of the Trader Dashboard is the possibility to Deposit, Withdraw & Transfer funds between your trading accounts. You will also be able to see the Trading Account number in the bottom right, next to the red icon.

In order to access the Web Trader, click on the link in the bottom of the page Open ITCS Web Trader >. Sign in with your trading account number and the password provided to you by email. Keep in mind the fact that you can always change your password for both the Trader Dashboard and the trading account in the Trader’s Room.

Thats it! You’re ready to Login and Start Trading

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